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I  have now been to Moonbeam Massage there times on my own and once for a couples massage. I have left feeling stress free with such physical and emotional relief from my massage. Vanessa has been amazing and I look forward to scheduling my next session as soon as my schedule permits!

I recently received (another) one hour massage by Tiffany.  She always greets me as soon as I arrive and asks if there’s anything I’d like for her to focus on. I’ve only had her general massage, meaning, I have no particular preference on an area or an injury etc. The 60 minutes feels like it only lasts 5 minutes! That’s how wonderful the experience is. Each time, I feel totally rejuvenated after the appointment and cannot wait until the next one.

After my appointment, I had several questions for Tiffany, ranging from if it’s best to work out before or after a massage, and what kind of cream(s) she uses. She takes her time explaining all my questions. I’m thankful for her kind attitude and wonderful massaging skills!
David T

Been using Moonbeam Massage for 9+ years. They are the best.
Dave A

Moonbeam is the best. Give them a try
Cindy G

Best massage I have ever had.
Juanita G

I Love Moonbeam!
Gayle W

I thought I knew what a professional massage felt like, boy was I wrong! Ann was the first massage therapist that truly made me feel like a different person when I left my first appointment!  I felt incredibly relaxed and loose, it was quite the experience, she is an expert at her craft.  I would easily recommend Moonbeam to anyone, I am booking my next appointment when I finish this review!

I have never been disappointed with Moonbeam. They give great massages and are always welcoming. I highly recommend trying them out!

It is true that Moonbeam only has the cream of the crop with massage therapists!  I have scheduled with every therapist and I have never been disappointed!

I want to say how much I enjoy Tiffany.  I was a customer of Judy's and when she wasn't able to provide my massage, Tiffany stepped in and she has done a wonderful job.  I schedule every three weeks with Tiffany and she never disappoints.  She is a lovely person and always has a smile on her face.  Thanks Moonbeam for changing my life with massage.

I wanted to let you know that Klodjana is a wonderful masseuse.  My mother (has passed away) was a masseuse and Klodjana uses a lot of the same techniques.  She is very strong and provides a firm massage which from my perspective is excellent service.
Klodjana, Thank you for doing a wonderful job!

Had another wonderful massage this past weekend.  Went in with strained, tight  muscles and came out feeing like a new man.  Hands down (pun intended) best masseuse in the area. 
Thanks Kristie I'll be back ASAP.

I've been going Ann for massages for about a year now and she is hands down the most fantastic massage therapist I've ever had. She finds all my knots with ease (with or without direction) the table is always warm and comfy, and her personality is charming. I leave feeling like a brand new person every time.

Kelly does a fantastic job.  Her massages help eliminate my stress especially helping my lower back pain. I've been coming to Moonbeam Massage for several years.  When Judy was booked I thought I woul try Kelly.  It's worked out very well for me.  She is a very pleasant person and always has a beautiful smile.
Sandy - Clarkston

“I have been going to Shelley every week or two for about six months now and I honestly can say that only because of her massages, my body has been greatly healed.  Before I went, I could not turn my head to the side without severe neck pain and I have suffered from lower back pain for many years.  In addition, as a breast cancer survivor my body has been through the trenches of everything that goes along with that.  Shelley’s knowledge of the body and knowing how to relieve the pain, how to work out the kinks and how to relax the muscles has truly been a life saver.  In addition to the physical results I have experienced with these massages, I am mentally much calmer and more relaxed.  Shelley’s therapeutic massages have helped my entire being.  I am 63 years old and all I can say is that I wish I had done this years ago!  One other thing I would like to mention is that I love Shelley’s gentle demeanor.  Also I am not one for a lot of chit chatting and with Shelley, it’s perfect.  If I want to talk a bit, she is obliging but if I want to stay quiet, then all is quiet.
           Marylis from Clarkston”

"Tiffany truly has unbelievably skilled hands for such a young therapist.  She can 'read' the body & understand its needs.  She has helped an aging body maintain function."

Tiffany gives a very personal message.  She listens to my needs and works diligently on any areas that I am having pain.  She is so good, I can't even explain it well!!.  Her pressure is perfect and when I leave I feel so amazing.  I hope she never leaves because I enjoy her massage so much that I would miss her like crazy.  Plus she is quiet and uses just the right amount of lotion.  She also changes up her music, which I enjoy.  She will talk to me if I want, but usually I like to just lie there and dream my cares away.

Good Evening
Tiffany is simply terrific. I have had a lot of massages in my time so feel I can speak with a little bit of experience.

Moonbeam was my 3rd attempt at finding a local massage person. I discovered your location last year because I read in the Clarkston News you were one of the Best Picks when the paper did a feature on various local businesses.
Originally I chose Tiffany simply because her schedule seemed to work the best with my own. Once I figured out the booking online system (which is great by the way) I made an appointment.

Tiffany is always there when I arrive and ready to go. She’s happy, enthusiastic, and without fail pleasant and professional. The room is clean, quiet, neat, smells good, the table is warmed up & I appreciate the bottle of water.
This past summer I had quite a bit of renovations done at my home and was at the mercy of contractors. I had to change or reschedule a couple of appointments. Tiffany was understanding and pleasant about the changes in schedule, even though I suspect it might have caused her some inconvenience.

She always asks if anything has changed physically since my last visit. She gives a very focused and complete massage for a SOLID hour. I have had massages where you feel greasy when you leave. That isn’t Tiffany. I have had massages where the person talks in your ear the whole time. Again that isn’t Tiffany.
Her massages are consistently excellent. I have had massages where they seem more interested in trying to sell you lotions and scents. Again that isn’t Tiffany.
I can’t remember how many massages I have had with her at Moonbeam. I think I might be on my 4rd or 5th gift certificate (another great idea by the way - much appreciated) and I can honestly say I have not had a remotely bad or underwhelming massage yet.
Margaret, Davisburg

Moonbeam Massage is my “happy place” every week when I get to relax by Judy’s hands!  The office is inviting & peaceful, allowing you to enjoy your massage experience for either therapeutic reasons, or for pure relaxation.  Everyone on staff takes the time to listen to your specific needs to adjust accordingly for you, making you feel secure and revitalized by the experience.  I highly recommend!

Judy gives, hands-down (pun-intended), the best massages.  I’ve had a lot of different people give me them while living in Colorado and Michigan and she’s my favorite. I always get the sixty -minute massage and it seems to be the perfect amount of time.  She will always ask if there’s an area of the body that needs attention and I always respond with no, as to try and not sound high maintenance and all. Yet, even when I say that, she seems to find the areas that are most tense and needing a good rub.  Even then, she makes time for the entire body. I swear I feel ten years younger every time I leave her office. In addition, I really appreciate Judy’s attitude, willingness to answer all my questions and always being on time.

I have just come from my fourth massage with Judy and they just keep getting better and better! In fact as luck would have it I awoke with a terrific migraine but knew once I got to her warm and welcoming table I would be fine. I drive close to 45 minutes every three weeks and as she works on my back and hip with her experienced hands the sciatica which sent me there "magically" fades.  My brother gave me a gift card for Christmas  and I researched for a long time before choosing Judy.  I must pass two dozen other massage locations in my drive but I have some serious and troubling back issues and I would not dream of letting anyone else touch me!  My only regret is that I can't come every week!
Kathy, Bloomfield

Judy gives the perfect mixture deep pressure and relaxing
moves that allows me to release all my stress. and
occasionally makes me drool lol

Moonbeam Massage is an excellent choice for all your relaxation needs! The therapists are always punctual and professional, the facility is always clean and inviting, and their services are priced appropriately.  I have been a client for over a year, and I would highly recommend Moonbeam Massage!

By far the best massage I have ever had! Judy is the most compassionate and caring person. She takes the time and truly makes sure your massage experience leaves you relaxed and stress free! I have had minor pain issues for months and she finds them and takes the time to work on them for you.
I slept for the first time in months and got up the next day feeling like myself again. I have been to several other places but Moonbeam and Judy will be where I go from now on!

I love a good massage and Moonbeam Massage LLC fits my
needs. They are great! Number one in my opinion.

I love moonbeam massage. Judy is awesome and the place
is so relaxing and filled with love

She does a very nice job and she puts you first. A very nice
place to go.

fantastic customer service. very professional. i will come
back again and recommend others to moonbeam

Judy's massages have helped me immensely. Judy has "magic hands" that work out the tension, soothe the soul and she is an incredible listener and intuit. This is truly a remarkable business-

Judy & Ann not only give great massages but they are wonderful people.

I wish the massage that Judy gives would last forever.
I have tried 10 other places for a massage, and this
place is the very best!!!!

Moonbeam is the best in the county!

Simply the best massage I have ever experienced.

Ann is so talented as a therapist.

Judy is simply the BEST! You need look no further for the best service in Oakland County and all of Michigan!

Judy is great at what she does and is very caring she does alot for everyone

We love Moonbeams! They are the best!

Living in the Metro Detroit area and travelling to Clarkston for a massage for the last year and a half will tell you how wonderful Judy is as a massage therapist.
Thank you Judy!!!!

Judy has give me a massage twice and both times it waswonderful. Judy's massage make me feel so relaxed. I will definately go back when I need a massage.

Judy and Ann are truly professionals who care very much about their clients. I've had a number of massages and they are the very best! Thanks for your gentle touch which always makes me feel better!

Just thinking about it makes me want a massage now!

Judy is a wonderful person, as well as a real professional as a massage specialist. After a massage session by Judy, and I'm totally drained of any stresses or aches. She's Top's in my book!

This was one of the most relaxing times I can ever remember.
Judy worked wonders on my back. This was first time massage

Very professional, with a true sense of wanting to help. She has shown such empathy to me and my condition. She definitely know how to apply her skills to my individual concerns.

A wonderful business, beautiful location and service given with care and expertise.

Moonbeam Massage is an awesome place! I can always count on Judy to take away the stress & make me feel better...she's also a pretty awesome friend, too! :)

Judy, is wonderful and willing to help all those in need. Thanks, Judy.

Judy is a compassionate caring business owner, who genuinely cares about her clients' health. She not only gave a great massage, but gave me exercises, suggested supplements and a device to help with my RA. This business owner is top notch! A++++++

As close to heaven as you can get,without a confession
big eagle

Magic Stress Relief - Ann and Judy, mom and daughter - what a great business model!

I was in the suburbs of Detroit for a Member/Guest Golf Tournament and had really messed up my back playing golf the weekend before in Maryland. I snagged a Chiro appt with my Dr. here in MD prior to getting to the airport. Once I reached my destination, I was still not quite right.

I got in touch with Judy and she arranged her schedule to see me the first thing next morning. I was very impressed with her deep tissue and it provided relief but not quite there yet. She was worried as my muscles kept jumping back even after her manipulations. The next day she was unavailable the enitre day due to a personal commitment volunteering to drive a school bus of young children on a day trip. (Talk about total commitment)

I ended up going elsewhere that next day and was disappointed. Still not quite right, I contacted Judy that evening and she rearranged her schedule got me in the next morning, prior to her regular hours as she was booked. The second deep tissue from Judy was just starting to feel better. Then she wants me to try some Kenisio Gold Tex tape. I'm willing to do so and she tapes me up on my shoulder as well as my lower spine. She tells me to leave the tape on until it starts to fall off. Even shower with it. I had been having shoulder problems for several months prior to and had learned to live with the pain. I got an MRI for my shoulder just prior to my trip and was scheduled to see an Ortho Dr. the day I get back to Maryland.

Now here's the unbelievable results.......... I had no pain in my lower back and the shoulder issues disappeared. WOW!!! I should have played better than I did but to be able to play the next 3 days without the pain in my back AND MY SHOULDER was amazing!! Alsolutely Amazing!!! Several days later the tape started to slip off and I removed it. The next day, I had very slight discomfort in my lower back that eventually went away after a couple of days and of course the shoulder started to annoy me again. I just can't believe that Judy got me from a feeling that a knife was in my lower back to no pain.....NO PAIN!!! Both in the back and the shoulder.

I tell you folks.............RUN, Don't walk to see this "Magician".
I just wish that she practiced here in the MD/DC area as I would be a regular client. I plan to visit her again next year when I'm back out there. She is absolutely amazing!! REALLY!!! I couldn't stop talking about her to all the golfers at the M/G at Spring Meadows. Her professionalism and "bedside manners" were excellent!! I urge you to call and make an appointment. Don't expect to get "fixed" in one visit but Judy will "get you right" with whatever it takes. Absolutely Outstanding and without a doubt.............the very best experience I've had with a deep tissue massage!!
Ron - Olney, Maryland

Thank you Ann for the great massage. During my last one hour treatment, the extra attention you provided my left shoulder reduced the ongoing pain
significantly. I am looking forward to my next treatment.
James - Clarkston, MI

In October of 2007 I had an accident while skydiving  I fractured my Tibia and Fibula.I had surgery to repair the broken bones. After the healing process and while going through physical therapy, my therapist suggested
massage therapy.

I had Ann work on my legs. Her hands were sent from heaven. I would recommend Ann's healing hands for anybody in pain. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful,  did I say wonderful?
Brian - Waterford, MI

"I really appreciate Judy working carefully around my injured ankle and helping me relax so much that my lower back finally gave me a good release! 

Her attention to detail, for example - using extra blankets (because I get cold easily), along with the heated table and Judy's gentle care have all helped to make my massage experiences fantastic!"
  Stacey  - Northville, MI 

"As a mother of 3 small children, going to school full-time, teaching full-time and running my own business, often my needs are last on the list. 

I received a gift certificate for a one hour massage and at the end I felt like I was floating on a cloud!  Thank you Judy for helping me let go of all that built-up tension. 

Now I know what to ask for when Christmas comes - but I will see you again before then for sure."
Jerri  - White Lake, MI

"I had Polio when I was 10 months old. I got it from the vaccine. For the last 14 years I have suffered with horrific chronic pain throughout my body.   I have gone to Physical Therapy so many times I have lost count, but nothing has helped me like Judy's massages.

Judy was an answer to prayer. She was recommended to me by Dr Wills and I immediately went.  I have had massages from at least 7 different people and it made me relaxed but it never helped with the pain.

Judy has miracle hands, technique, and a personality that cares for each individuals needs. Her massage room atmosphere makes you relax and sets the mood for a massage that will change the way you feel from the time
you enter the door until the massage is done and you are
as relaxed as a wet noodle.

She has helped me so much that it brings tears to my eyes when I am typing this.  I get a massage each week out of necessity and if it wasn't needed for pain I still would have Judy give me a massage because it is so good in helping
the body relax and function the way it is intended to.

Most people don't realize that living with chronic pain 24 hours a day, never being able to get away from it
changes your whole life. It is a fight to do anything. I
can't even sleep through a night because the pain demands attention.  It won't leave you alone.

Judy you are a blessing and I appreciate greatly what you do to help me.
Kathie - Waterford, MI

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